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Kindergarten Prep Enrichment Program 

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Mother Goose Time 

Mother Goose Time uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills through monthly activities and discovery projects. As children participate in Mother Goose Time, they are naturally exposed to skills which support their on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.


These skills, when combined with a nurturing environment, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships support a child’s school readiness" - MGT



Here at LBLC  we understand statistically proven 2/3 of the children in the United States of America are unable to read proficiently by third grade.  Our dedicated focus provided through both small groups and one on one instruction for our Pre K students is  to ensure all our students are given the power of literacy to read proficiently before entering grade K.  Our Educators are provided with ongoing professional development and weekly coaching sessions to effectively teach and implement our daily literacy goals.  This will ultimately increase  kindergarten readiness and shape exceptional thinkers and writers. 


Experience The Difference 

Our monthly themes help preschoolers construct knowledge and build connections through real experiences. Instead of having a day of disjointed activities, themes organize new information around a unified context, which results in a growing web of knowledge.

Virtual Literacy 

Music & Movement  

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